About “the nijiiro photograph” site.

Hello, everyone.
Japanese photographer, My name is Shuho INOUE.
Using only one convex lens, I own digital SLR cameras shooting lens.
Using the lens, I have taken the flowers and scenery.
If you shoot only (single lens) single convex lens, blur the edges of the object is a unique feeling by lens aberrations.

I have named “the nijiiro photograph” on its own, such photos.

“the nijiiro photograph”, I think that feel natural rays of light bleeding, and stimulate the imagination of those who see the part that does not clearly reflected.
This site is a site that introduces “the nijiiro photograph”.

Image of how to shoot

Member of The Japan Professional Photographers Society (JPS).
Editorial photographer, primarily, and commercial photography

1957 Born in Takarazuka City, raised in Osaka City in Japan
1988  Graduated from Kyoto Institute of Technology college

After graduating from college, he become a free-lance photographer
based in Osaka. He takes photos for weekly magazines and advertising

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